The other day I received a comment on a picture I had shared, ‘you radiate happiness, any tips’, and my instant response was ‘I follow my heart, my heart rules over my head’. I was left wondering what exactly is happiness. For me, it is doing what my heart feels and going with the flow. During this lockdown happiness for me is spending time with self, didi and noodle (my dog). Happiness for me is slowing down, sleeping, playing, lazing, learning ukulele, talking to friends and not planning much.

I have been thinking why are people going crazy looking for stuff to do, enhancing skills, this and that. Is happiness about achievement? I do not think so as history shows some of the greatest achievers were depressed and some have even committed suicide. Happiness is not proportional to success. I might not be ‘successful’ but I am genuinely happy. Happiness for me is in being crazy, loving oneself, being one’s own favorite.

I celebrated my birthday in this lockdown celebrating my existence and it was definitely one of my best birthdays. There were no expectations from others, no planning. I was genuinely happy with how the day progressed. Starting with a virtual birthday party over a zoom call, two friends visiting keeping social distance, special effort by friends in making videos and writing a song for me as a gift, receiving Clownselors website as a gift, didi making special breakfast, and innumerable calls and messages and restaurant like set up at home for dinner and decking up for self. I was left feeling on top of the world. My cheeks hurt with all the smiles. If this is not happiness, what is. How do we define happiness!

Happiness is in each moment. Happiness is having friends who make you feel special. Happiness is being grateful for this life and people around who believe in me. Happiness is treating oneself as a princess and singing birthday songs for self. Happiness is dancing on the terrace. Happiness is jumping around like monkeys. Happiness is annoying didi. Happiness is cuddling noodle. Happiness is long calls. Happiness is hugging self. Happiness is speaking to family on a video call, and so on.

We just need to stop looking for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now!!!


Written By – Sheetal Agarwal


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