Zindagi With Richa team is a rare example of professionals who are working selflessly even in today’s competitive world. Everyone in the team, Show Directors, DOPs, Editors, Music Producers, Singers are working to create sensible and sensitive content without ever worrying about their professional fee etc.
Probably thats what makes the show so special!
Here is my take on all the team members with a THANKYOU to each one of them!

Richa Anirudh

OP Dimri

What to say about OP! Since the time of "Zindagi Live" on IBN7, when OP was our floor manager to now, when he is the Creative Director of “Zindagi with Richa”, It's an absolute pleasure to have known him and worked with him. No matter how stressful a shoot is, OP ensures that everyone on the set is calm, relaxed and smiling. And I often wonder "How does OP manage to be happy all the time"? This probably only he can answer.

Farheen Fatima

From “Zindagi Live” to “Zindagi With Richa” ( 2007-2019), I have known Farheen for last twelve years. Farheen is one of the most dependable people, I have met in my life. She is the kind of person who anyone would love to have as their "Advisor" because she is honest, brutal and straight forward with her feedbacks. But her most brutal feedbacks are most polite too. Qatl bhi kar deti hai aur pata bhi nahi chalta! Haha

Ritu Bhardwaj

Ritu is a perfect example of the Indian woman- the woman with substance. She is a multi-tasker, juggling between her roles as a wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, professional and what not! And it amazes me to see how she manages all of it with a smile and politeness. Ritu is compassionate, helpful with a beautiful heart! I wish she takes a little less burden on her delicate shoulders!

Rakesh Singh

Rakesh is a gem of a person and a genius professional. He became a part of zwr family in the 3rd season just because he wanted to work on some meaningful content. He is so emotionally attached to the shoot that often I have to tell him to take fewer shots but he just doesn’t want to stop. We are traveling together a lot these days and it’s always so much fun.

Dilip Chaudhari

Dilip has been a part of the team from the very beginning. He has been a strong support when we had small budgets and almost no resources. Dilip also didn’t charge us anything in the first season just like OP, Farheen, and Ritu. And this support will always mean so much for me. He is an absolutely no-tantrum and forever smiling colleague to me.

Gaurav Tyagi

Gaurav is the person anyone would remember at the time of crisis because you know that he will always be there for support. Someone who can drive 1000 Kms in a day and still not complain of being tired. Gaurav is a "Fan" of "Zindagi Live" turned "Team member of " ZindagiWith Richa". Infact the name "ZWR" was his idea too. He had opened doors of his home for the shoots, given his camera, and did everything possible to make “Zindagi With Richa” happen in the first season.

Ayesha Thatte

Ayesha is my daughter but I have to confess that I have troubled her like anything to record our songs. An emotional blackmail from a mother can be so so so stressful. And believe me, I have made her sing one day before her exam. She gets upset with me, grumbles, complains but ultimately gives in to my pressure. Everyone feels that her voice adds a special touch to the ending of all the episodes. So thankyou Ayesha!

Kritika Negi

Kritika Negi has been with me since 2015 and today she knows more about my work, my finances, schedules, passwords etc than I do about myself. What I love about her the most is that no matter what I say to her or even when I scream at her, she doesn't stop smiling. Often she calms me down with her gentleness. She loves to forget tasks and make lots of mistakes but she is so committed and dedicated to learn and grow that it’s unbelievable sometimes.

Tej Pratap

Tej pratap alias Tula is our all rounder. He drives my car but on a ZWR shoot, he is a production coordinator, Transport Manager, Camera Attendant, Logistics assistant, crisis manager etc etc etc. Tula is an integral part of the team ZWR who knows everything about every episode just like any of us. A brilliant man who can become an electrician, a mechanic, a gardener and what not.. he literally knows everything! Just a little delicate at times. Hahahaha