It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. Just simple habits can
do wonders nothing exceptional is required. So do what you can With what you have and where
you are.

During this period of lock down rather than getting anxious, frustrated and bitter I became a
better version of myself. I converted them into sixty golden days to shed down ten kgs of
weight. That was just by disciplining myself and abstaining from the intake of unhealthy eating
habits, doing regular exercises, consuming seasonal fruits and raw vegetables and sleep on

I set an example for self. I am a recovering alcoholic but, got self motivated to improve my
physical appearance and lead a healthy life. l took each day as an opportunity in putting my best
efforts on maintaining physical and mental fitness. So, it‘s rightly said ”the best time to do is
now, sometimes later becomes never.”

ये वीडियो भी देखें

Strive for the attainment of wholesome health. In order to attain success in life good health of
mind and body is must. It’s rightly said healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It gives you
immense confidence – so follow a healthy regime and rock it and own it.

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~Yashh Baadal
Recovery Coach, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle & Fitness Trainer

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